Best of 2016 / Snowstorm


    Hello! I hope you are all enjoying this new year. I’ve just spent about three hours outside, in the snowstorm (that also left us without electricity long enough to wear scarves inside the house and make me wonder how am I gonna finish my college assignments in time), shoveling snow and building a… sort of wall out of it, surrounding my dogs’ cages because even though they are tough, they are still my babies. And they can never be warm enough or snuggled enough, right?

Yep, that’s one of them, down there. Shaking off the snow. It probably ended up all in my boots, anyway.


    January is going to be crazy with so many exams but I’ll try to keep posting here at least once a week.

    Anyway, even though I began blogging less than two months ago (or little over one month, whichever you prefer), if you just landed on my blog, I’ll leave some links here in case you might want to check out some of my works.

    I hope you’ll enjoy those, if you’re new here! Happy 2017!


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